Suzutomo Achieves Peak Performance With Cerakote High Temperature Exhaust Coatings

Friday, May 08, 2015 / Rob Griffin / Back To All News

Suzutomo Co. Ltd. recently attended the Ikura American Festival, at Fuji International Motor Speedway where there were drag races of American automobiles, Harley motorcycles and dragsters.

Suzutomo sponsored the MACHERIE custom which won the Best of Motorcycle in 2014 and features Cerakote C-30372 Brown Sand as the exhaust base coat with C-246 Flat Dark Earth and C-214 Federal Brown for the pattern colors.

ESS Japan also was sponsoring them, and Suzutomo was there to help promote their ESS Credence and ESS 5B Ultrablend Cerakote eye-wear. To see more, visit!