It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the 'Outrageous Air Racing Team' along with the 'Butch Milani Skunk Werks' and engine components coated by your awesome company allowed me to qualify at 250+mph (2nd fastest qualifier Reno 2004) and finish in 2nd place of the "Gold' category of Formula One Air racing, September 2004... The world's fastest four cylinder motor sport!

Thank you so very much for your belief in me and sponsorship in our engine coatings. Without question, your #1 quality high performance engine coatings were a major factor in my engine performance and overall placing.

Cerakote Rocks!

Scotty Crandlemire - Pilot/Owner - Outrageous

After a year of car shows, drag racing and time attack events, my long tube SBC headers, that were prepared and coated with Cerakote at Brand X Customs, remain as nice as the day I picked them up. The coating has not chipped or peeled away and the color remains exactly like new. The team at Brand X was very responsive to my questions and showed a willingness to offer suggestions and explain how various solutions could be achieved. There was a small glitch at first because my headers didn’t quite fit in the oven they had at the time. They quickly acquired a larger oven and was able to complete my order. This now opens up the possibilities for others to get their long tube headers or other larger parts finished at Brand X. I am very pleased with the outcome and refer folks to Brand X when asked about the coating.

Mike Hessler, Mount Vernon, WA

I am really impressed with the ceramic header coatings. I use the V-Series with the Insulkote as a base coat. The material has great hiding power, is easy to spray, looks and performs great. We coated a set of headers in satin silver for a motor builders dyo a few months ago. He builds race engines for WASOTA class cares. He doesnt use it every day but does several times a week. When he fires up the engines (600-800 HP turning 7000-8000+ RPM) the headers turn cherry red, after they cool the sliver color is as good as new. I was impressed but you should see the advertising we are getting from him.

We coated a set of snowmobiles headers for a modified grass drag sled. After the season they came in to let us know how they did. At the nationals the class champion asked my customer to hand him a rope and tow him to the finish line. They dynod the motor before and after coating the headers and gained 10% more HP on an already built to the max motor. CHEAP HORSE POWER.

Thanks for the great products.

Ray Bahmer, President - Powder Coating Solutions

I would like to take the time to tell you how impressed I am with the Micro-Clear that I have on my aluminum wheels, gas tank and toolbox that I have on my log truck. The product has been on my log truck for several weeks and has been abused to the fullest, and my truck looks great. I wash my truck every other day with two-stage soap that has acid in it. My aluminum on my truck has not oxidized, peeled, chipped, or scratched. I would like to mention that the area that I am hauling is being sprayed with Chloric Acid and has eaten everything on my truck except what was sprayed with Micro-Clear.

John Sapp - John Sapp Trucking

I wanted to let you know how satisfied our customer is with the coating that we applied to his 60-foot sport fishing boat. The engines are two Detroit 16 V 92, we coated the valves, pistons, combustion area and the exhaust ports with the V 136 piston coat. The captain has reported that the engines are running stronger with lower fuel burn. After a trip to South America the captain was very pleased with the lack of soot on the transom. In addition he noticed a 7-knot increase at full throttle. The mechanic also believes that the coatings have improved the reliability as well as the efficiency and performance of the engines. We are now coating another set of heads for the mechanic.

Thanks again for the quality products and support you and NIC has provided us.

Keith O. Moore - Moore Performance

I wanted to take the time to let you know how satisfied I am with the Micro-Clear that I have used on customer parts, as well as my own. I used it on my aluminum wheels for my own personal vehicle. They went through one of our harsh Michigan winters, and still came out looking like brand new. Thank you for the quality product your company has provided me with.


J & M Powder Coating

We have found NIC Industries clear coats to be an easy-to-use clear coat over the LuminOre product line. One of its best features is the ability to seal in the LuminOre without the detection of a clear coat being present on the surface of LuminOre. Many clear coats that we have tried, have a very thick film, which gives the appearance of a plastic look over the metal. NIC clear coats have the ability to eliminate this.

Thomas J Valente, President - LuminOre, Inc.

I would have no reservations of recommending NIC courses to any company. I look forward to any future courses we need assistance with.

Victor Howarth - J.A.C. Jordan - Jordanian Airforce

Prodigy Performance Coatings are the proud applicators of ceramic coatings for Orange County Choppers. The guy's at OCC are much happier with the Cerakote Product vs the competitors.

Thanks Brandon Grady and all the men and women at NIC Industies.

Joe - Prodigy Performance Coatings


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White City, OR 97503
info at cerakotehightemp dot com